Div. Computational Mechanics, Dept. Adv. Mathematical Sciences, Graduate school of Informatics

Naoshi NISHIMURA, Professor, Dr. Eng.

detailed cv and list of publications I am a Professor of Informatics at Kyoto University. I received B Eng, M Eng, and Dr Eng degrees in Civil Engineering from Kyoto University in 1977, 1979, and 1988, respectively. I joined the faculty of the Department of Civil Engineering at Kyoto University in 1979, moved to the Department of Global Environment Engineering in 1991, and returned to the Department of Civil Engineering in 2002. I then moved to Academic Center of Computing and Media Studies in 2002 and then to the Graduate School of Informatics in 2006. My collaborations with other institutions include stays in the Department of Civil Engineering at Northwestern University during 1983-1985 and in Centre de Mathematiques Appliquees at Ecole Polytechnique in 1988-1989. I do research on fundamentals and applications of the boundary integral equations in continuum mechanics and electromagnetics with special attention to wave propagation, periodic, fracture, inverse, and large-scale problems. I have approximately 180 publications in archival journals and conference proceedings, and am an author of chapters in 21 books. Education B.Eng.(1977), M.Eng.(1979), Dr.Eng.(1988), Kyoto Univ. in Civil Eng. Major Courses Taught Advanced Calculus I, Numerical Analysis, Mathematical Analysis, Advanced Mathematical Sciences B, Topics in Computational Mechanics A

Fields of interest

I. Fast boundary integral equation methods II. Computational mechanics III. Computational electromagnetics