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(d) Numerical Example

We present a 3D example obtained with a Galerkin solver. The domain D is a cube and the crack is assumed to be circular. The location of the true crack is shown in Fig.1. As the matter of fact, the same problem has been considered in Nishimura & Kobayashi[30], but the inversion in Fig.1 uses a finer mesh than in Nishimura & Kobayashi[30]. We prescribe 3 Dirichlet data (n=1,2,3) to the exterior boundary of the domain containing the true crack and compute the corresponding Neumann data to prepare the simulated data. We then feed the data () thus obtained into the inversion code to see if the true crack is reconstructed from an arbitrarily given initial guess. Fig.1 shows the mode of convergence, which is quite satisfactory.

Figure 1: Mode of Convergence (3D Laplace case)

N. Nishimura
Thu Feb 19 01:36:51 JST 1998