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Crack problems for three-dimensional elastostatics with Galerkin's method

In this section we discuss an application of the Fast Multipole Galerkin Boundary Integral Equation Method (FM-GBIEM) to crack problems for three-dimensional elastostatics. Applications of FMM to GBIEM are found in Miyakoshi et al.[60] for two-dimensional Laplace's equation and Coifman et al.[12] and Geng et al.[29] for three-dimensional electromagnetic scattering. In application of FMM to GBIEM we have modified the fast multipole algorithm (details of the modification are given in 3.4.3). This modification is significant to implement FM-GBIEM. In order to discretise the variational boundary integral equation we use Galerkin's method and piecewise linear shape functions.

The material in this section is from Yoshida et al.[87].


Ken-ichi Yoshida